App not movable to SD Card. (Probably it will be fixed in MM update)
Camera quality is very low and needs to be improved.
When using camera app the device heats up quickly.
Double tap to wake up is not precise.
Cannot change default SMS app.
Recent app switcher capacitive key must open menu in apps with single tap and assign long press to open recent apps.
4G/3G/2G only mode – should be made available.
Cannot change date format in lockscreen.
No option to set default music player and default video player.
Battery life have decreased after the latest update and needs to be improved.
SLR mode in camera is not accurate.
Bluetooth tethering is not present.
Apps not able to read OTP from SMS.
Hand gesture in camera app doesn’t work.
Touch accuracy in Single Handed operation is not accurate.
After the latest update there is lag while clearing apps from recent apps screen.
Some apps gets killed automatically even they are running in memory and are allowed to run when screen is OFF.
Translation errors must be fixed.
Network operator name doesn’t changes in lockscreen.
Text and numbers in lockscreen is always white. When we keep light lockscreen wallpaper we cannot see the time and date.
Thermal management must be done little bit and sometimes we experience gaming lag

Tamal Jana
Nazargunj, Midnapore 721101, West Bengal
Email: / 27/03/2016 / 6:26 pm

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