Dear Airtel team past 3 years we are using your 10 Airtel corporate connection in our company and 7 Months after paying RTGS payment we are facing payment posting issue nobody is taking care for airtel problem we are suffering and paying late fee amount. Our bill will generate on every month 12th and we are paying amount through RTGS on within 20th of every month ans sending details to airtel team for posting amount to our 10 connection but they are not doing this work so many followup need to send but no replay from airtel then bill will generate again late fee amount we have to pay. this is the thing is going on airtel. we thought Airtel is best but Airtel is worst service for providing customers.and not providing late fee waver also. last month we have paid amount on 20th but still they have not posting amount.

Mr. Jxxxxx Mr. Axxxxxxn Mr. Pxxxxxxxd is responsible for this problem. I think they dont want to customers to be in Airtel. If you do like this nobody will take service from airtel.

If you want to know how many times we have send followup mail please check it in above mention Airtel staff members mail id.

Finally we came to know Airtel is fail for posting our payment. and we are planing to transfer from Airtel To any other good service provider.

Dear Airtel Team please show me the way for disconnecting our 10 connection. that we can get good service from other ISP.

Pasha IT
Kolar Taluk district, Narsapura 563133, Karnataka
Email: / 21/09/2016 / 11:52 am

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