I used sbi credit card from 10 years. In 2014 i did many purchases as there was offer from sbi to break my purchases into fliexipay EMIS at normal interest rates.

Issue is that from 1 year i am asking them why i was not given the option to break my purchases into EMIs as offered by them but no one answers me and keep posing me interest a @ 45% per annum it seems from 1.5 years and i have paid already 1.0-1.25lacs rupess as just finance charges.

In few statements even though i had paid on the last due payment date they put late payment charges. i am attaching such 1 statement and i have few other months where they did this. Also they have blocked by credit card 16 digit on ivr it looks as when i try to talk to them, it says not valid card.

Aamir Husain
Hyderabad, Secunderabad 5025, Telangana
Email: axxxxxxxa@gmail.com / 17/12/2015 / 3:25 pm

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  1. I have already talked through that medium and your replies have been
    1) we cant do anything
    2) payment not done on due date.
    3) no words for basic querry why no OFFER to break my expenses in EMIS as offered .

    Till now there has not been a to the point reply of what i have asked
    replies always includes telling me the interest rates, not paid on due date…

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