My company had provided me a salary savings account in state bank of india. on january 06th i tried to withdraw my salary account from on of the SBI ATM machine in choutuppal i.e. 10000/- but ATM machine did not dispensed the amount. so, i tried to withdraw amount from another SBI ATM on the same day i withdraw 10000/-. the issue is that the first ATM is also dispensed my money. so. the ATM has kept a HOLD to my account. on 02/03/2016 my salary was kept on hold. I asked my home branch in choutuppal they said their was two holds(10000 + 10000) total 20000/- was kept on hold. one was kept by ATM switch center from branch code:4292 and another hold by home branch:2705. 2705 is my home branch. they have removed one hold on 10000/- from my account. but another hold was not removed.

I consulted service manager many times but they were not responding to my problem. i have given a written complaint to Branch manager on 08/02/2016 even him also not responded.

I kept several mails to several mail IDs given by branch to rectify my problem but no response to my mails. i contacted many higher officials, even they have not guided my issue.

please clear my issue that i and my family were dependents on my salary.

challa gopikrishna
choutuppal 508252, Telangana
Email: / 04/03/2016 / 3:36 pm

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