First of all i am highly depressed with SBI PONNANI BRANCH ! I have opened new SBI account in ponnani branch ( branch no :10115 ) on september 1st.

On the same date, i have given application for platinum debit card. Till 15th of this month, sbi manager told he will issue the card. He never issued me that card ! I became fool waiting for the card for past 15 days !

After given compliant, SBI manager called me and told he will not issue as i am not eligible and giving me fake reasons to avoid me and he closed my compliant in unresolved manner! I just said ok and hanged up.

As indian government removed minimum balance criteria , there is no requirement of minimum balance in SBI. still in the name of minimum balance SBI manager not providing me platinum debit card is highly SHAMEFULL !!! Please remember i have just Requested the debit card not a credit card !

If SBI not providing me platinum debit card..okey its okey.
I will leave SBI. But dont forget to treat all customers equally because i have got friends who got SBI platinum debit card within 7-Days !

When the card be requested , the next day itself SBI will dispatch it..but this ponnani bank manager torturing me without processing my card !!

As this is serious matter ..i want an immediate solution !

Ejaz MP
Ponnani 679577, Kerala
Email: syedej123] / 17/09/2015 / 12:55 am

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