Seller(Mumtaz Fresh) is charging for the products more than the MRP printed on the product. For Example: Half Litre of Nandhini Milk( Orange Packet) priced at MRP Rs 20 is been sold at Rs 21 or Rs 22. When asked about overcharging, the seller says everyone buys for the same price. When asked for the Cash Memo, he provided one attached here.
For Example: If this seller is selling about 100 packets of milk over priced for Rs 2, then per day he will make Rs 200, Monthly Rs 6000 and yearly Rs 72000 which is public money and it constitutes Violation of the provisions of Standards of Weights&Amp: Measures Act. Being a Tax Payer, we would like to see some actions taken against such cheaters.

Anand Raj
Vivek Nagar Post, Bangalore 560047, Karnataka
Email: / 29/04/2016 / 4:21 pm

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