Shipping charges not refunded by Amazon

I bought a mobile(Intex cloud M6 white) on 28th august from on cash on delivery Rs 5,199 but the it was defective and not working properly. That’s why I gave an order for refund. At that time they informed me that it would pick up from my home within 72 hrs. But they did not receive the parcel, though I did contact them several times. At last I called them on 10th September, then one of their employees agreed and refunded my value of Rs 5,199 the next day(11-09-2015). Also he ensured me that to Blue Dart courier centre for send the parcel and I am told that would return the full shipping cost of amount.

I went to Blue Dart and sent the parcel and my shipping cost charged Rs 1,600. After that I took a snapshot of the bill and sent amazon by mail. Now they are telling that they can not reply my shipping charge. They can reply upto of Rs.500. I asked them many times but they were totally denying me to do so. On 15th of September 2015 one of their employee told me that I would get back that amount but Rs.500 in cash and remaining of rs 1,100 in the form of gift card. He assured me that not to do anything and after giving it he would call himself to me. So I waited for 2 days but at last he also did not do anything. In this way I have been cheated by them, Now what should I do Sir? I am really worry now.

Subhasish Karmakar
Email: / 24/09/2015 / 10:13 pm

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