I have recently bought books of the school located in my village ( ajgaraha)
The teachers of the school told to buy books from Goyal stationary situated in Rewa..as I purchased books from there I checked and get error or 115 rs in 4 books. The error was created by using marker to hide MRP and fake MRP tag in which four books are modified and hence the MRP increased in these books are 25, 25,25 and 40.

This 115 rs extra are charged many students and as the school is located in village therefore many parents didn’t noticed this. many Parents form village are poor and 115 rs means lot to them as they are providing their children in english medium school.

This is a serious issue and against consumers and should be carefully resolved and the people who are responsible for this should not be pardoned.

Abhishek Singh
Village ajgaraha, ward no. 3, tehsil huzur, dist. rewa. MP pin code- 486003
Email: abhishek.psingh@ymail.com / 01/07/2015 / 9:10 pm

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  1. Please check whether this is in routine practice if yes share the details.
    In one of my same case district consumer forum ordered by consider this as unfair trade practice and penalize the publisher( no one it’s famous OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS)

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