I purchased order no- 87491657 – on the 7th of March from shopclues.

On 8th of March i got a mail and a message from them saying that my order has been delayed due to unavailability of the product with the merchant.

On 9th of March i got another mail and message that we have begun the pick up your product and that the product has reached the fulfilment centre and ready for dispatch by 11-12th of March.

On 10th March i called their customer care to cancel my order (due to personal reasons). I wanted to cancel the order before the dispatch, but the lady at the customer care says that we have taken your complaint and will revert back to you in 48hours. “However we Cannot stop shipment! as it is ready to be dispatched, you can send the product back to us once you receive it on the 19th of March and once we receive it back, we will start the cancellation process!. ISNT THAT KIND OF STUPID and DOWNRIGHT DUM?”

So in 48hours my product that is in their warehouse, which i want to cancel, will be shipped to me, which i will receive on the 19th only to send it back to their WAREHOUSE.

ITS NOT BEEN DISPATCHED! Please cancel my order and save me the time from being wasted before i can start my refund process.

This is the ticket number 638424 provided. (which is a cancellation request) but it does not actually cancel the order, it only asks you to wait for 48hours.

please save me from this stupidity as it will really not make me want to shop from anything from here hence if this is allowed to happen.

mihir lath
Mumbai 400053, Maharashtra
Email: mxxxxxxxxxxxxx9@gmail.com / 10/03/2016 / 12:41 pm

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