I purchased LG Smart TV on October 2014 costing INR 34000 and recently in mid-June 2016 i.e. within 1.5 years, the screen display went to extremely low level. After registration of complaint with LG, the visiting Engineer informed about failure of backlight costing INR 3000. Although I was not happy with incurring extra expenses on repair so soon, I had no choice but to give a go ahead to the Engineer who placed an order with LG for replacement of the part. After 3 days, I received a call from LG informing that part is not available and therefore whole panel needs to be replaced costing INR 14000. I went really mad on hearing this to pay almost the cost of a new tv of local brand. Next day, the Engineer called me and informed that backlight is available and he will replace the same. While repairing, he informed that panel is giving reddish tint which means panel is also faulty and needs the repair i.e. back to square one, spending INR 14000. I refused for the repair and the engineer charged me INR 288 as visiting charges. I am living without a tv for almost 15 days now and my DTH subscription has also gone wasted for this month. As my dream of owning a smart tv shattered to soon, I was very upset and started surfing net to explore any similar complaint to anyone else. To my surprise, the first link I got in search results, was a plethora of complaint from US residents. However, I thought it to be unjustifiable to match complaints of US with Indian region as products are manufactured differently for different regions of the world. The second link I opened was from Indian people. The most striking point I found in all these complaints was exactly similar kind of issues within almost similar time frame i.e. 15-20 months after purchase when the product gets out-of-warranty. Sample pages of those complaints are enclosed in attached pdf file. Page 1-16 for US complaints and Page 17-26 for Indian complaints.

I might sound prejudiced but it seems like a modern style of business wherein company is using its brand name and market position to lure brand-conscious customers like me and then providing products with sub-standard components. I feel that with so many similar issues, its time to give a check on such companies and their products and make them answerable for this. This cannot be sidelined just by saying that its an electronic component and it happens. When they are selling at a rate much higher that local brands then they have to be more responsible for product quality

Madhup Bhatnagar
Shukkar Bazar, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi 110059
Email: mxxxxxxxxxxxb@hotmail.com / 06/07/2016 / 11:55 am

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