I’m an owner of Sony Xperia Z3 D6653 which is a flagship model of Sony Mobile. Few days ago, I tried to test the waterproof feature of my phone as claimed by Sony by clicking some underwater pics inside the swimming pool on 31st January, 2015 afternoon. I made sure I followed all guidelines directed by Sony before doing so. I barely used it for 10-15 minutes in shallow depth and washed it with freshwater post use. As per Sony’s claim, my phone is supposed to be waterproof up to a depth of 1.5 metres for a period of maximum 30 minutes and should be washed with freshwater after use if used in swimming pools. However, after some time, I noticed that a particular area of my screen isn’t responsive to touch. I also noticed bubbles inside my camera lens which went out after a few days. However, my screen isn’t fully responsive yet. I went to the Sony Mobile Kolkata Service center, located at Rashbehari where they checked my USB flab and told me liquid has entered my phone and my warranty is invalid. I challenged them that my phone was used in accurate conditions as described in their official website, however they bluntly denied do any service or repair to me free of cost. I checked online and found many similar users who had been faced with exactly same issue. In some cases, Sony had provided replacement to them and in some cases they have not. The service centre personnel told me that if I feel it’s not my fault I should contact sony directly, hence I contacted them but with no relief as they’re repeating the same thing that they cannot accept my phone with warranty and do a repair or replace it free of charges and all services will be chargeable.

I honestly feel this is a clear case of fraudulent marketing to sell products and charging the customers for their own defective product and I’m not responsible to pay for damages if I followed all guidelines as shown in their website.

Thus, I want you on my behalf and everything at your power to serve justice to me as I feel it’s unethical for a company of such large brand value to cheat customers and provide pathetic after-sales service. I need a replacement for my phone or a fix, free of cost as it’s well under warranty. My phone was purchased on 8th July,2015 and is under warranty.

I’m attaching a document showing Sony’s website’s claim of Xperia Z3 being waterproof and also the terms and consitions to use it in water. Also, I’m attaching my purchase innvoice.

I had raised Service request 1-23412175583 to Sony and they bluntly telling me that service centers won’t accept my warranty.

Request you to kindly follow up with Sony and serve me justice as this is an expensive model which I bought thinking the features as advertised were true but now I’m deeply regretting.

Sourabh Karmakar
Kolkata 700063, West Bengal
Email: sxxxxxxxx9@gmail.com / 06/01/2016 / 2:43 pm

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  1. Hi Manmohan,

    Yes I got the solution, although it was not due to the efforts of this website. I had mailed to the CEO of Sony, Mr Kenichiro Hibi couple of weeks ago intimating him about my case. I was assisted by the support team after that, and my phone was finally serviced under warranty and the issues were fixed. Got it yesterday.

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