I purchased SONY XPERIA C4 DUAL ( worth rupees 25000/-) dated 29th August 2015, 7:10PM, and since then i started facing following problem within 2hrs of purchase:

1.battery drainage within 20mins of usage.
2.overheating (45 degree celsius) within 5 mins of use, so much that i cant keep the phone, on my ear for talking, and being a doctor i know how much hazardous it is for my health and life.
3.inappropriate, ridiculous and pathetic behavior from three different sony service center in pune.
4.i went to all of them within 36hrs of purchase.
5.still issue not resolved.
6.when i am asking for my refund they reject it directly, and say only one line, AISE NAHI HOTA SIR……
as if i am asking for the refund from there personal account.
7.nobody giving the correct information and guidance for the problem facing.
8.they are not even accepting that all the problems are manufacturing defects, because if they accept even once they ll have to refund me. they are passing days so that it get crossed after 7days or 30days.
9.being a government employee, working in SASSOON GENERAL HOSPITALS, PUNE ( only government hospital in the city) i dont have time, i dont have holidays.
10. and according to the Govt. of maharashtra bond, i will be sent to serve in some rural area of maharashtra, within two months of duration. then in which city and which sony service center will i go every day for the issues i am facing.
11. A humble request, please look after the matter and resolve it as soon as possible.

i hope this small issue resolve quickly so that i can get my money back.

Email: ankitsharma077[@gmail.com / 31/08/2015 / 8:25 pm

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