I have purchased Sony Xperia Z2 a few months back for 39k (that’s a hell good money)and the first phone got serious issues and replaced in a months time. After 2 months the phone got issues (ghost touch) with the Display and also the side closing panel was not closing properly. From here I am sure that I got a refurbished piece. I had raised an issue and the same was rectified and the display was replaced but no side panels. I have faced poor mic issues too, another 15days got wasted. I asked them if its waterproof after the LCD replacement and they told its done by machine and sure it will be waterproof. I tried to manage it not raising any further complaint., A week later was traveling back home in the rain which is not that heavy but I managed the phone not to get drenched, Morning when I checked the phone was switched off and moist is there on the camera. I am using a closed case for the phone so the charger ports are closed all time and I use a magnetic charger cable to charge. A lot of videos still in you tube will give you good gyaan as the Sony Z2 fails in water-tests

Another day on service center and got call 4 days after given for service with an estimation of 14k. Even its not my fault and the phone is waterproof why Sony is charging for the same. Even its a water drop test done in service center why not in front of the customer?. I still got 6 months in warranty and most of the months wasted in service centers. I have seen at least 5 Z2 phones having issues same like mine in service center when I was there. I am a professional and don’t have time to waste sending emails and followup calls. It will be a manufacturing defect or a defective piece I have got.

Wake up Sony, don’t cheat customers like this. Its your fault 3 services in 5 months pathetic. Everyday needs to followup on calls and this is not the right way to treat customers. I haven’t got to any consumer court to raise this issue but sure will do if nothing has be taken care of.

I hope will take necessary steps to solve this issue ASAP
waiting for your reply. I was very disappointed in such a case happened from Sony, as I was a Sony user and till got a call from the service center which is not satisfactory. the same thing they are repeating after 20 days of my complaint for service that I need to pay 14k for the water-log servicing. I am 101% sure the water logged is not a complaint happened from my side. Already the phone got issues and still making issues. I paid almost 40000rs for the phone and getting a bad service, even I have not got any standby handset. Service is so poor and people are so irresponsible in service center’s. The phone is in warranty.

Varun S
Indiranagar, Appareddypalya, Bangalore 560071, Karnataka
Email: varunsudhakar@gmail.com / 09/07/2015 / 5:25 pm

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