Dear Consumer Forum,

I’d like to place complaint about SpiceJet’s shoddy manner of addressing my recent complaint (CR/324119/2014).

On 1st October 2014, I was booking my SpiceJet flight from Delhi-Jabaplur-Delhi (3rd Feb / 5th Feb 2015), through the SpiceJet website. After entering all the personal details, selecting seats, etc I was directed to the payment page and I made the payment through SBI Net Banking. Once the payment was successfully made I reached a page that told me to ‘Click here to go back to SpiceJet booking’. Once I did that the page went blank and nothing happened for the next 20 minutes after which I did the usual refresh, back, etc. Either ways, nothing happened. I then went back to my bank account and checked that the payment had in fact been made (see below):

01-Oct-2014 (01-Oct-2014) TO TRANSFER INB SpiceJet Ltd. SPICEJET Payments MSBI3503633851IG00AEOTX9 TRANSFER TO 3199592162093 6,058.00

I then immediately sent an email to SpiceJet support complaining of this issue on 1st October, 1.40pm IST (4.10pm China time). Only at 10pm in the night did I receive an automated response from SpiceJet that the customer care team would get back to me asap.

For the next 5 days nothing happened (possibly due to Indian holidays, but do people in India not fly or need customer service during the holidays??). I then sent them another email on 7th October telling them that it’s been 5 days and no response. People then immediately got on to this issue and then over the course of 2 days I was sent emails by various SpiceJet CS Executives and Senior Executives.

I tried to explain to all of them here that it was not the money that I had an issue with but the fact that my booking confirmation needed to be sent to me, and that I needed to know my itinerary/booking reference code. All of them kept insisting that there is nothing they can do but refund my money, and that I will need to make a fresh booking. When I went to make a fresh booking the flights tickets had increased from 6058INR to about 14,000INR.

This morning they have made my refund but no one seems to want to be accountable or liable for the increase in flight fare by 8000INR, due to neglect and slow customer response from SpiceJet CS team.

I think this is very unfair and just about misleading the customer in the absence of other options. I have no other option now other than booking the expensive flight tickets or take the train – all this after a week of stress, back and forth emails and dealing with shoddy customer service.

I earnestly hope for your intervention into this matter.

Nitin Dani
25/408 kankalipara, navbharat chowk. raipur, Chhattisgarh
Email: / 09/10/2014 / 8:40 am

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