I had purchased Symphony cooler model Winter in 2011. It was working normal till May 2016. When I called symphony service person for replacing cooling pad in May 2nd 2016, since then I observed electric shock while touching plastic body of cooler.

I registered my complain to symphony call center Ahemdabad on phone no on 13.06.2016, 18.06.2016 and 22.06.2016 complaints number were SR-13F16015, SR18F16002 and SR-22F16008respectively but till date non of my complaint was attended by company service engg however company sent me sms that my complain is closed.

Sir kindly help me , i have two small kids who always touch plastic body of cooler and got two times electric shock but by God grace they save.

Now i am not able to run this cooler due to electric shock problem in view of my kids as wel family member safely in this hot summer.

Since body of cooler is plastic even though electric shock i seems some conspiracy in product manufacturing by company. I humbly request to take strict action against company and solve my problem as well to avoid untowards happening with my family.

Rajendra Prasad Singh
KANPUR ROAD, LUCKNOW 226012, Uttar Pradesh
Email: sxxxxxxxxxx3@rediffmail.com / 23/06/2016 / 1:07 pm

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  1. I m facing the same problem but what to do I don’t know y it’s giving shocks even it’s made up of plastic body

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