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Shops at Solapur railway station charging more than mrp

Higher product rate than normal in solapur railway station. Value: Sprite, slice Today i am on solapur railway station..i went to two three shop for buying cold drinks like sprite and slice.But they are asking more rate than normal eg. Slice 37 (40rs) and sprite 38(40 rs). Please consider this complaints. It’s not possible for …

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Shop charging more than MRP for cooling

Asking more money than Mrp for cooling service. There is one shop at  road side of Alibag pen road name KOKAN PALACE. The shop owner was asking more money for providing cooling service than mrp. Please take immediate action against it. I have also posted on twiter account of yours. Qazi Naziruddin Z Jalgaon,Maharashtra Email: nxxxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com

Charged 4 times more than MRP at Miraj Cinemas Shalini Shivani

Have you ever heard the price of a paper boat drink before ? It is normally priced at 25 INR at any place in India. I paid 100INR i.e 4times more than the normal price . I am not able to digest the fact that I pad 100RS for a paper boat drink and 150RS …

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Shops selling liquors at more than MRP

In mirlipura jaipur rajasthan every liquor shopkeepers are selling liquors above the mrp which is printed on every bottle. And they never provide invoice or bill against purchasing. Eveytime they says that rsbsl revised prices but it is false. I have already given a written application in Excice department but no any action taken on …

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Shops selling packaged drinking water at more than MRP

The store in the ARMOOR TS RTC bustand of district nizamabad, the one near to where Hyderabad buses are qued for journey, is selling some goods at 50% higher rate than MRP. I have bought a bisleri water bottle of 500 ml volume which is MRP 10/- INR and the seller demanded a total of …

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Retailers selling diary products at more than MRP

I stay in Mulund, Mumbai at the given address. It is unbelievable that retailers have guts to sell items above the prescribed MRP. This loot of customers is happening even today and in a city like Mumbai, where law and order is strictly implemented in our country. The details of the retailer in question are …

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Shop at bus stop charging more than MRP

I am on my way from Chennai to visakhapatnam and IAM travelling by private bus. All private buses will stop near a petrol bunk (chowdary brothers) which is just adjacent to R.K restaurant near nellore(kovur). There is a small pan shop adjacent to hotel in which all types of beverages n snacks will be sold. …

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