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Complaint regarding poor suport from Kent

I am disappointed that Kent are unable to provide services. I had lodged a complaint and no technician visited my house with stipulated time.This what they provide services and keep customers happy! Not at all they all are just fake Doing fake promises while selling products. Harshal Agrawal Address: Yavatmal Maharashtra 445001 Email: axxxxxx8@gmail.com

Complaint regarding Kent RO water purifier

I have bought Kent RO water purifier KR1708020950 three months back with one year of warranty but in last three months we already called service guy four times and in every fifteen days the purifier stop working. The dealer not done the initial water dirt level checking and sold any random RO but as per …

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Complaint regarding Kent Grand RO servicing

Date of purchase: 19.06.2016 from Royal Enterprises, Ganganagar Meerut. I purchased the above product but since the date of purchase. It is not working properly. During one year of warranty, they have replaced the major parts like filters etc. Again on 24.06.2017, the product stopped working and engineer once again visited and again changed all …

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Complaint regarding Kent Ro service

We have been requesting service of our kent machine since past 1 and half months. Spoke numerous times with call center registered complaint under following numbers. 1. 17080203807 2. 17081003234 3. 17082100422 4. 17090300402 Every time complaint gets cancelled without any reasonable explanation.Calling in call center again we have to explain entire history they commit …

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Regarding Kent water purifier service

I have purchased a water purifier from snapdeal. and before the receiving of product I call to customer care about the installation on which he assure me “the installation take place on priority basis”. but no installation provided by them and said return the product.which was just impossible for me,because I live in Patna where …

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Complaint regarding Kent RO Grand service

I have Kent RO Grand for which I took AMC as the repair cost for very high and system failure was too frequent. Once AMC is paid my nightmare started service engineering stops visting and if very great pain we convince them to visit and check system they wont do anything but to make excuse …

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Complaint regarding Kent Water purifier

I bought the kent water purifier on april-25th,2016. After I bought, last one year i have got issues with machine for every two months. I have raised complaints with Kent to replace the machine. But the response from kent is very bad. The product having zero quality. The service is very poor. I got the …

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