I am a defence personel. I am on leave for this i have taken railway ticket concession voucher (CV) only for return journey. My leave is completed on 9 nov 2016 so i want to make ticket on 08 nov16 through my CV. In CV my departure station is HOWRAH and arrival station is AGRA has written by superrior defence officer and same arrival station but different departure station CV has taken by my colleagues. They has got ticket through their CV in their nearest railway rail station.I had also gone to Howrah station but reservation counter clark told me that my ticket will not be made because i have written my arrival station is AGRA FORT in ticket making form but only AGRA is written in my CV. I had done correction by MCO(movement control office) of defence. Again they refused to do my ticket. I had done complain through 138. But they are not helped me.They told different reason.So my question is my colleague has got ticket but why i am not getting? I had gone to chief reservation officer he insulted me . They harass me for 5 hours. So i not only want compensession also i want justise if i am wrong i will take punishment.

subhasish dey
uluberia 711316, West Bengal
Email: ixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy@gmail.com / 02/11/2016 / 4:31 pm

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