On 26/2/16 I placed order for two sets of Manhattan sofa sets (3+1+1) and paid for them via my Visa crdit card.
The first set (let’s call it SET A) was delivered on 4th February 2016. We noticed that there was a small hole in the fabric of one settee chair. Immediately I contacted Snapdeal and asked for replacement or refund – thier reference no. 18967401.

The second set (let’s call it SET B) was delivered on 5th February 2016. We noticed that the fabric was fine, but one settee chair had a defective base, it is not even and is quite a bit out of alignment. Again I asked for replacement or refund at their option – their refetrence no. 19031893. It is extremely unfortunate that one chair of each of the sets is defective.

on 6/2/16, Snapdeal aske me for images of the defects, which I promptly supplied on the same day.

On 7/2/16, a Mr Sxxxxxv from snapdeal contacted me on the phone, in response to which I emailed to help@snapdeal that either you get an independent party to look at the item, if you so desire together with your investigation team, and decide, or please take the item back and refund me the money I paid for it , as per your ” 7day Easy Returns Policy” This applied to both sets of the Manhattan sofa sets.

I wrote to snapdeal again on 8th and then 10th February 2016 for an early response and requested them to provide me with contact details of their CEO to enable me to escalate the matter to him. On 11th February a lady from Snapdeal contacted me by phone and offerred compensation of Rs 5000/- which she followed by email. We after due cosideration, though not the best solution, accepted it, and thought that the matter can be laid to rest.

However, to stir up the matter again, a Mr Dxxxxxxr from Snapdeal contacted me on 12/2/16 by phone stating that there is a procedural issue at Snapdeal: that the Rs.5000/- is the compensation for both the faulty sets. That he is authorised to deal with only one of the sofa sets, and therefore would reduce the compensation by half to Rs2500/-, and that another executive will contact me within 48 hours to authorise the balance for the second defective sofa set. I reluctantly, perhaps being foolish, agreed. Instead of crediting my credit card he credited it to my freecharge account, despite my protests.

Also no executive contacted me within 48 hours. I had to write again to help@snapdeal.com on 17th February a lady from Snapdeal contacted me by phone stating that she will contact me again soon with the resolution.

No one has been in touch with me since then. Snapdeal have also got rid of the help@snapdeal.com facility, and emailed me twice “After closely reviewing your account, we have found some transactions that do not pass our internal checks. As a result we are cancelling your return request. Please note that all other open orders and claims linked to this account have also now been cancelled”.

In case Snapdeal do not relent and resolve this issue amicably, I shall have no option but to go to the consumer court.

Kulwant Sharma
Email: kxxxxxxxxxxa@hotmail.com / 02/03/2016 / 9:25 pm

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  1. Dear Kulwant(kulwant_sh),

    Thanks for bringing your issue to us. Please be assured that we are working on your problem and our representative will get in touch with you regarding this.

    Team Snapdeal

  2. Dear Kulwant(kulwant_sh),

    We wish to inform you that gesture amount has been provided.

    Team Snapdeal

  3. Dear Snapdeal,

    No such amount has been agreed nor provided by you.

    Kindly do not mislead the public.

    On 6th March a lady from Snapdeal contacted me by phone, and stated that Rs.2500/- has beed credited to my freecharge account only for one sofa chair: the sofa chair with the hole in the fabric. Regarding the second sofa chair she suggested that I find a technician to give an estimate for repairs. I responded by stating that I do not wish to get into unnecessary unwanted situations and protracted discussions: that if they so desire they should get the technician instead. I reiterated that I had exercised my right for each sofa set under their 7 day return Policy. If not both the sofa sets at the very least they should take back and replace the faulty sofa chairs. The lady hung off stating that she will discuss with her seniors and call back again. I did not get any call back calls.

    I repeat; kindly do not mislead anyone.

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