Recently i boarded a uber cab from btm to electornic city phase 2, i chose uber pool thinking that i have to pay less, but the bill came out was 171, which was quiet high as when i travel alone also i pay the same amount. So i lodged a complaint with the uber customer support, but they said that the in the bill they include money for the toll also. So i told them that the driver didn’t take the flyover that day and the toll charge is 45, that means you guys are taking extra money. Even after sending 3-4 mails they kept on saying that the charge was for flyover. My point is the electronic city flyover is an optional service which a consumer takes, so if am not taking the service i should not pay also, but uber by default includes that cost in customers bill, and even after sending so many mails they refuse to resolve this things.

Archana Tiwari
Bangalore 560076, Karnataka
Email: / 02/03/2016 / 7:44 pm

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