Uber collecting wrong toll charges

I want to raise a serious concern on Uber about the money they are taking from customers in the name of toll charges. Let me explain how they are doing. I am from Bangalore so I travel from Electronic City to Bomanhalli. There is flyover from electricity to Rupenagaraha which is the next stop of bomanhalli. So whenever I book cab at that time it won’t show the toll charge for the flyover but by ending the trip you would be charged by 47.25 as a toll. And the worst thing whenever you raise the question in Uber support there are bunch of fools sitting in there support office in from of systems. They will tell all bullshit. I have not taken the flyover and you are charging the toll fees how it is possible. This is how they are looting too much amount from customers, the answers they provide it’s a copy paste. So I strictly stating this should be stopped and if not resolved ASAP I am going to move forward to sue Uber. I won’t accept that. I want my amount has to be refunded and this fraud need to stop now.

Saurabh Yadav
Bangalore 560100, Karnataka
Email: sxxxxxxxxxx8@gmail.com

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    • Kannan on 28/04/2018 at 5:25 pm

    This has been happening for now years. Uber is unethical and needs to be booked for this.

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