It is shocking that Uber do not provide Invoice unlike Ola. What they give is a receipt. The receipt is again not in a pdf format, it is just over a mail. Also, the receipt only has a amount we have paid, it does’nt show any the number of kilometers, charges per kilometer, taxes etc.

I used Ola which gave me pdf, I started also using Uber since the rates are considerably cheaper. But when I planned to claim my expenses, I noticed there is no pdf or anything as invoice.

Now the Uber response – I wrote to Uber asking for an invoice or the receipt in pdf format, but than they repeatedly responded with the same receipt over mail. I had to write back asking them to understand the requirement before responding and also asked if they don’t collect any taxes (since taxes don’t reflect in receipt).

I shocking found next day that my account is DISABLED, upon writing back, the response was “The suspension of your account is correct and final, this means You can use our service and there is nothing they can do about it” !!

What are they worried about and why should they disable my account for asking invoice and querying about taxes..!!

I did also have some balance in my Paytm account which I am now unable to access. I have written back again asking for a call back and about my paytm account. I am waiting for a credible response.

Mahesh Parashuram
Vyalikaval, Bangalore 560003, Karnataka
Email: / 06/09/2016 / 2:01 pm

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