I booked rides in Delhi/NCR region using uber app on 27 Feb 2016.
I had 2 free rides in my uber account 250 Rs each.I had applied a coupon code NCR25 which was offering 25% discount on my rides. I traveled and did not got a free ride. Instead I only got 25% off. It was not mentioned anywhere that the offer promos cannot be clubbed. After that I took a second ride, then a third ride and then a fourth ride on the same day.The terms and conditions of the NCR25 promo said it was only applicable on 2 rides in a day still I did not got my third and fourth ride free.I had to pay for each ride.vNone of my free rides were used.

When I contacted uber support team they just told me that NCR25 had been applied and it follows a Last in first out order for the promos. I said that its ok if I have’nt got my first and second ride free as the NCR25 might have been applied to these rides but I must have gotten my Third nd Fourth ride free. Now I am not getting any response from uber since then. Please help me with this and get me my refund.

Piyush Singh
Mehrauli, Ghaziabad 201009, Uttar Pradesh
Email: pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2@gmail.com / 05/03/2016 / 10:28 pm

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