UBER services – Discrepancy with “Cash” method

Hi All,
Taken an uber ride from airport to home in Bengaluru.
1. I was shown the estimated amount of Rs 763. This is from uber platform
2. Upon completion, amount comes to 1199 on drivers app (green screen) that is generated from uber platform.
3. I still see the charges on my screen for the trip to be 763.
4. I tell the driver about substantial difference and he asks me to sort this out with Uber since the amount on his app is also platform generated.
5. Next I get the uber amount on completed trip for receipts for only 170. No one from uber is ready to explain the difference in fare and why receipt amount is way lower.
6. I write a complaint to uber and I only receive one standard note we cannot settle for transaction with type “cash”. This is one of the standard options on the platform.
7. Uber also says that they cannot give me the receipt of the amount paid..Who else is supposed to give it.
8. Uber tells me to use digital payment methods to avoid discrepancy. So why is the method “cash” an option on app.

I seriously don’t understand why uber is not able to explain the difference for fare and how a company can show the sale of 170 when the amount taken from consumer is 1199. Isnt it a big tax glitch?

Sourabh Kothari
Bengaluru 560093, Karnataka
Email: kxxxxxxxxxxp@gmail.com

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    • Vishnu on 21/01/2018 at 1:26 pm

    Hello Sir,

    Same thing happened to me when I took cab from Airport to my home at Bangalore.

    Uber is absolutely providing pathetic service and they are not really helping the poor customers like us. Deducting money for nothing, drivers are very harsh these days and the drivers demand for huge money for no reasons.

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