Unable to access Airtel money

I have opened a Airtel Money wallet on my airtel hotspot(WiFi) number 9xxxxxxxxx8. I was using it successfully for all my bill payments and consumer bills effectively after creating it. However I forgot the MPIN and requested for it. Since I opened this using a hotspot(WiFi) number, SMS couldnt be received. I kept a email to airtel customer care explaining all this and also been visiting the Airtel store for redressal. Everytime I visited I was told that a service request has been created by thr store manager and no response was received. I request you to please help me in resolving this issue at the earliest posible.

Surya Suhaas
Beeramguda-502032, HYDERABAD 502032, Telangana
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxj@gmail.com

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