I’ve purchased an ATT locked iphone 5s from ebay and the phone’s billed was not completely paid. When I filed a claim in ebay regarding this, they close the case in favour of the seller. They told the item was as described in the listing.

But no where it was described that that the phone has unpaid bills pending, and am unable to use the phone or not able to send back. Ebay gurantee doesn’t understand my concern. They think that my conceren s regarding the ATT carrier lock which was described on the page. But my concern is not regarding the lock of the phone, its regarding the unpaid bill of that phone.

Am unable to use any att sim with that phone since the previous bills was not paid. I need to send that phone back and get a full refund and need compensation for delaying the issue for more than

Augustine Paul
Karukutty, Ernakulam 683576, Kerala
Email: axxxxxxxxxxxxl@gmail.com / 08/01/2016 / 7:28 pm 1 month.

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