I received sms and sbi has no idea of debited by who.

Your A/C XXXXXXXXXXX Debited INR 295.00 on 12/07/17 -Transferred to INVESTMENT INTERMEDI. A/C Balance INR 375.41

Your A/C XXXXXXXXXXX Debited INR 295.00 on 12/07/17 -Transferred to INVESTMENT INTERMEDI. A/C Balance INR 80.41

What should I do. I do not have net banking enabled. Only ATM card issued.

Chandan Karmakar
Parnasree, Kolkata 700060, West Bengal
Email: cxxxxxxxx3@gmail.com

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  1. The same has been going with us. Initially we had a deduction of rs 4417 and after few days 4250rs. WY is this happening?

  2. I received sms and sbi has no idea of debited by who.
    Your A/C XXXXXXXXXXX Debited INR 295.00 on 21/10/17 -Transferred to INVESTMENT INTERMEDI.

    Like this I got 4times.

    Why our banks are behaving like this previously not their now a days, what happen.

  3. My balance today 295 rs dabited by Investment Intermedia 2 time on 23/10/2017 1st 5:30 Pm and 2nd 9:05 Pm two time in a day why my balance is deducted by unknown sources without my Permition my AC no 201xxxxxx98 ifsc code SBIN0005150 reply me reason and solution

  4. In my case too it has been debited twice the amount RS. 295 within a gap of 8 hours. What is it exactly ? I called up hotline but they have no answers

  5. today we lost 295 from my brother’s account its credited to INVESTMENT INTERMEDI accout…..what is this ?? without any information from the account holder how they can cerdit the amount from the account??

  6. In my case too it has been debited from my account RS 295 without any information how is this happening plz kindly give me my refund…

  7. in my case its more 9111 rs deducted by INVESTMENT INTERMEDI SBI please refund my amount as soon

  8. we have received the same sms too what is the reason for such amount being deducted

  9. My Acc. number: xxxxxxxx782 with SBI has been debited twice with 2709 INR and next time with INR 295.

    It shows the same that your account has been debited INR 295 transferred to INVESTMENT INTERMEDI.

    i do not have Internet banking nor any other investments.

    I believe this is fraud and SBI is not taking any responsibility on this.
    please help me recover my money.

  10. From my account (SBI, Nilambur, Malappuram, Kerala) Rs. 6250/- has been debited as above today on 05-01-2018. The SMS format is same as above and informed that transferred to the same unknown firm “INVESTMENT INTERMEDI”. To where we shall complaint? As we noted the message after banking hours, we could not contact the Bank authorities. Even if contacted no hope!

  11. I have received an SMS trice from sbi notifying some transfer in investment intermedi. The ammount was 1180, 300 and 3729.
    as i have not taken any investment plan like that.
    Kindly assist.

  12. I am from SURAT Gujarat. I have received same massage twice time and debited 295-295 for investment intermed. And I have not taken investment plan like give notice for SBI.

  13. Even from my account 257/- is been debit what the hell is this ?
    I have never take any investment plan.
    Spoke to SBI branch manager she doesnt have any clue of it.
    If National banks do this with us then where we should we keep our money save.

  14. Hi,
    Today evening i received a message which says “your A/C XXXXX has a debit by transfer of Rs 206.50 on 20/02/18. Avl Bal Rs xxxxxxx. Download YONO @ http://www.yonosbi.com “.I want to know why it has been deducted without any purchase or transaction. I want my money back.

  15. My bank account has been debited without my knowledge please resolve this
    1)debit transfer 12
    2) debit transfer 147.50

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