Unauthorised deduction from account by Axis Bank

My Axis bank savings account is deducted to minus without any prior notification or information ..On contact I was informed that it is a policy to deduct the total amount on non payment for 3 months. The delay of the payment was intentional as I looking for clarification. Instead of clarification Axis Bank found it considerate to deduct funds from my account without approval and made me penny less. This happened in the evening and that night I didnt have cash to return home or could recharge ola or paytm. How inconsiderate that can be .. when I talk a lot empowering female when you authorise such illegal deeds for collection dept. I want that reversal to happen instantly as I have lot of responsibilities. Please direct collection centre to reverse the payment right now.

Dipanwita Dutta
Bengaluru 560043, Karnataka
Email: dxxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com

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