For the month of may Circle circle my bill was 754 Rs as per the bill. I was sure the amount of the bill is wrong hence i called the customer care and they assured me they will check and let me know. The bill paying date arrived and i did not got a call from the customer care. Scaring thefact my sim going to deactivate i paid the amount and yet 246 Rs more. I paid 1000 Rs on 11th of june,2015.

After five days of paying the bill i started getting massages saying my credit limit is crossed, I called the customer care and the associate asured me that i have not used anything of the correct circle as i have an advanced amount paid and i have 100 local mins free in my plan and no internet usage. The massage was sent to the customer randomly as who have not paid the bill for last circle. There must be a mistake and they will fix it shortly.

For every month 25th i get the bills in my registered gmail. But for june i did not got any so i called anyways and got the duplicate bill. The amount was 2939.05 Rs.

Details said i have used more then 1500 mbs of data(while i am using a 2g connection and use Watsapp only for not more than 1hr a day while in cab to office).

They said after calling i have been called more then 4hrs in national calling the las day which i did not. I don’t call much as i use the internet and and the other no for calling home most of the time.
I have 100 mins of free calls and yet i have advance payment of 246 rs for the previous circle i should not be getting any amount due for the june circle. {246-221=25+}.125 plan + 96 2g connection makes it 221.

I have been mailing them and calling them to fix the problem they are not responding back with the correct bill or i am not getting any call from the corp care and they are sending the details back to back, that I have been saying that’s wrong.

I have attached the screen shot of the used internet on the circle.
I* am having broadband in home and office both. I have attached the copies of the both usage.

And as a internet user of vodafone i am pretty sure its pretty hard to even use 350 mb of data in 2g connection while travelling in cab.

Arkadeep Deb
10th cross, Bangalore 560076, Karnataka
Email: deb.arkadeep.ece[ / 12/07/2015 / 5:47 pm

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