I thought tata is most honest company in world but i m wrong when i have such bad experiance. As there there is some repairing work done by tata sky i have signal problem in my english news channel package so i have lodged complaint with tata sky which is free as shown by tata sky in advertising. So they sent man to solve it. But did not solve. so i make complaint again. So they again sent there man. now this time complaints solve but they charged 250 rs for that which is free as they say in advertising. So i call there call centre 4 -5 time . but they did not reply me properly so i decided to complain here. now i think that u will help me to solve problem. thank u very much in advance.

Akashay Vaghani
Vijayrajnagar, 364003 Bhavnaga, Gujarat
Email: kingofbhavnagar@gmail.com / 04/07/2015 / 11:39 am

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