From last 1 month uber is showing fair in advance on his route shows on application sume time we use shortest route and if we calculate the fair low amount but uber charges the same amout that was shown on application but whwn we use long route the the charge higher amount. They also charged surge fair at evening and night this is a type of blackmarketing . surge fair is equally to refuse the ride. After verdict of delhi high court delhi government banned surge fair then why not in Kolkata. There is not any tele customer care help line number. I was once charge cancellation fee for cancel by driver but we dont get return of that amount and not any body is available for tele calling.

Rakesh Singh
Danga Main Road, Kolkata 700054, West Bengal
Email: / 19/09/2016 / 10:59 pm

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  1. I also faced similar issue, I was travel 19 kilometer generally the cost would be less than 250/- but they charged 430 but there is no traffic( ride time is 40 min)
    I have requested Uber to provide in detail bill they are not ready give

    as per government rule they should not charge extra at any time

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