Unfair MAB charges by ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank has charges MAB Rs 12,100 approx, I opened saving account with my current account and ICICI sales guy told me the saving account is zero balance , so trusting on him , I signed both current account and saving account form also. I am regularly using my current account with ICICI bank but opened saving account only when ICICI sales guy told me there will be no MAB charges.

Now , when I deposited amount to use saving account , they charged all amount and now saying they have my signed application form , how they can do this .

I have also raised complaint to ICICI Branch manager and customer care , but no body helping me to get my full refund.

Please see my attached file with all the details and help me to get my refund.

UTTAM NAGAR, New Delhi 110059
Email: axxxxxxxxxl@gmail.com

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