Unfriendly IFB, not honoring the order

Today, 24th Nov, 2014, I visited Trade Fair, New Delhi and had been to Hall 12 A where, I visited the stall of IFB. Under receipt no. 356 they booked an order from me for the sale of EVA AQUA VX 5.5KG FRONT LOADING WASHING MACHINE for Rs. 22,000. (net price).
they reduced Rs. 1,500 for buy back of my old IFB washing machine .
Collected cash Rs. 500 as booking amount. Thus net payment to be made was Rs. 20,000/- for which they asked for cash payment. As it is not a normal feature that a person would carry such huge amount in cash; I offered them my Citibank credit card. They also proposed for a cheque payment and delivery after realization of cheque. Since I was not carrying the cheque book; they guided me to IFB point at GIP Mall, Sect 18, Noida; where I could swipe my credit card for Rs. 20,000/- and asked me to contact Mr. Vxxxxu.

Upon reaching the destination; when Mr. Vxxxxu saw the receipt, he refused to honor the order & booking saying ” at that cost his profit margin would be negligible. He contacted the marketing people at IFB, who in turn tried to convince me to go to some other outlet (Rythem House) and get the card swiped — but , i was asked to pay 2% bank charges on credit card; to which I did not agree.
As a consumer, i am not supposed to pay such overheads. Finally, I had to repute the booking and came home empty handed after getting my booking amount Rs. 500 back from Mr. Vxxxu of IFB

This really is a high headed attitude of IFB people; where they themselve did not honor booking/order booked by their own marketing staff and succumbed to the pressure of franchise.

Upon checking other brands and products, it is observed that they would be 2 to 5 thousand more costly to me now.

I demand that now IFB should honor the order and deliver me my washing machine , as agreed upon in the order.

Email: anil_desh@hotmail.com / 24/11/2014 / 10:17 pm

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