On 1/7/16, my TataSky Account was deactivated due to low balance. But the due date was provided for 2/7/16. Still on 2/7/16, I recharged my TataSky account no 1134189032 by Rs 400/- But after recharge, when I checked my main account balance, it was Rs 233/- I checked the previous messages and I was notified that my account had a minus balance of 166. When I enquired in their helpline number 18605006633, I was informed that they had deduced that amount for the technical work order I had placed few days ago. I agree, I had made a work order relating to technical defects and it had been solved. But there was no intimation about charges to be applied after providing such services. There is no mention about any charges to be applied for technical visits. Plus, there was no further notification about charges that have been deducted for technical visits. There is an automated message that is sent few days before due to warning a deductible amount of Rs 10/- only. Also, the helpline number 18605006633 is not toll free.
As a consumer of Tatasky Services, I have not been informed about the charges applied, before and after taking any technical visit, either before or after services rendered and I have been denied refunding my lost amount from my TataSky account. This is a violation of my right and I demand a quick action against TataSky for not providing proper and reasonable information and pocketing the deducted amount, making fake promises and manipulation of consumer rights!

Jayanti Bara
Rajgangpur, Sundergarh, Odisha 770017
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8@gmail.com / 03/07/2016 / 12:23 pm

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