Unnecessary charges for replacement of Dish TV Set Top Box

I would like to inform that, my dish tv is not in working condition since noon of 28/08/2018. When I reach to the home, I came to know that, there is signal problem in Dish TV. And I was called to the Customer Care, and complaint that there is no signal in my Dish TV and TV is not working. The customer care replied that you have to pay the Rs.200/- technician visit charges. I refused to pay replying that, it is your fault. Because we are not any type of interfer in connection. I dropped the called and send the message from my Dish TV app. After that I came to know by email that your current pack is upgraded to Titaninum Pack for monthly Rs.570/- I shocked and go to the service centre. The service centre operator had told that is could not be downgrade upto 30 days. I complaint to the customer care, but they are not take congnizance. At that evening I was write to CEO regarding the complaint. Afterward, I was called by the Dish TV executive and reply to soon your pack is downgrade to your existing pack that is Bharat Pack for Rs.191/- monthly. After his assurance, i talked about the Dish TV problem, he reply that you have to pay the technician visit charges for Rs.200/- we will give you Rs.100/- waiver. I agree for that. Thereafter, the technician visit to my place and after checking the dish TV he called on mobile that your set top box is to be replaced and the charges for the same are Rs.350/- with GST charges total Rs.413/- and Rs.200/- visiting charges. You have to pay Rs.613/- for the same and your Dish TV will be worked. I was denied to replace the Box because there is no problem of signal, signal are okay. The set top box is upgraded or somewhat, it is not my fault, so why should I bear the replacement cost. I replied the executive to replace the box at your cost. The company denied for the same. When I was told to executive I didn’t need your Dish TV and services, and kindly take the dish tv and its alongwith accessories back and remit the refund. The executive is refused to refund and also claimed that the set top box is the sole property of Company. Again I was to inform that, when I agree for the visit of technician at my place, the executive told me to recharge your dish tv pack by at least Rs.200/-. I was recharged immediately for Rs.210/-. When I came to know that, my tv may not be worked until replacement of set top box. I asked to the executive to refund my recharge amount of Rs.210/- the executive refused to refund the amount. Since 28/08/2018 noon till this time, the Dish TV is not working and no action taken by the Dish TV. Due to this I became harrass and because of non entertainment my family members are also upset.

Kishor Garandwal
Osmanpura, Aurangabad 431005, Maharashtra
Email: kxxxxxxxxxxxl@gmail.com

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