I am using Vodafone Sim for the last 6 years. On 23/10/14 , without any information, they deducted the amount Rs.77 for TINY T.V SERVICE. Regarding this I called to the customer care, but they told ‘ sir use the internet safe’ , but didnt take any action for this improper deduction service. I am very much unsatisfied about the vodafone service.

Ponnusamy delhiganesh
No.36,Ist cross, Iyyapa swamy nagar, Mudaliarpet, Pondicherry
Email: ganesh.ganseh@gmail.com / 25/10/2014 / 4:32 pm

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  1. Dear Vodafone,

    Why deducted 77 INR while I have not been downloaded any Tiny TV services from your service? Kindly pay back immediately.

    Thanks & Regards
    Debi Prasad Mahapatra

  2. Hi Myself Mehta , Same unwanted Rs 33 deudcted For Tiny T.v by Vodafone Which is not at all expected from Company like voadafone.
    I am using voadafone for emrgency calling & for my all 2 g on browsing for my tablet . On Toll free When argued they told 24 hrs passed nothing can be done . make distribunce & cut the phone which is highly un proffesional

  3. What the hell I received a message from Vodafone saying that 77 Rs has been deducted from balance for Tiny TV service.

    Thus is the first time I am hearing a service name Tiny TV what the hell is this

    Immediately after I deactivated the service and called Vodafone customer care the guy over the phone was very unprofessional,very rude and I’ll mannered the

    When i asked the name of the guy he told me Aman surprisingly Aman is my name I don’t know whether his name was Aman for real or he was just making fun of me

    But guys I use Airtel also and it is far better than Vodafone

    I told that guy to port my Vodafone number to airtel and I am very much sure that I will port within next 24 hours

    I don’t understand why we can’t do something instead of just moaning

  4. Even I am facing the same issue as mentioned above, Vodafone deducted 77 and then 40 rs for this shitty tiny tv subscription which I am not aware of and when called the cust care number the rep at the other end transferred the call to postpaid dept for no reason, I spoke with n number of people getting round and round in circles. Finally I have been told that 77 won’t be refunded however the latest charge of 40 will be refunded.

    I am planning to port out .. lets see how it works.

  5. Dear sir
    I have recharged of rs 100 but my 77 rupees deducted for tiny tv …
    what the hell. …
    I have told all you people please change your service provider. …
    Vodafone is frod company
    please think 1 day 10 customers deducted 77 rupees how many in month and how many in year …
    So please and told other people
    Sagar gade

  6. I think i wdn’t be a illiterate after completion M-tech. . I can know wht i requested and wht i require. .then wht the hell is this tiny tv service ?? Unwantedly deduction of 77 rs is not a playhouse. So it ll be better if you (Vodafone care) refund as soon as possible. Shit service.

  7. This was very unsatisfying me to take Money rs 77 foe tiny tv services this was very cheater cock network (Vodafone)
    For this proffession you gonna sell ur ******

  8. Hi,
    I am facing the same issue. They deducted 77 from my recharged amount without my knowledge.

    Kindly return my money back.


  9. I had to face similar situation with my vodofone number… I have lost over 400 rs over 3 months to various such dubious schemes … Tiny tv services , social book services , glamour services and so… And these customer care rep just get on my nerves ..I was just able to get rs.50 back so far…

  10. Same problem I have faced right now. What the hell is going on? Please ensure vodafone to protect us online fraud or deduction like this. We are the loyal customer of Vodafone for many years. What the hell this tiny TV or like this? Can Vodafone refund my 55 rupees deducted this morning?

  11. Dear sirs i am using tata docomo since many years.
    Yesterday 50 INR was deducted from my account on the name of tiny tv. I have not downloaded any app nor any software.
    This is a fraud kindly help me out from this recurring proplem sirs

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