I am using Vodafone postpaid Sim since two years by now.

I travelled to Korea and I used the local Sim for personal uses. However, I had to attend the call from India also so our staff requested for international roaming to receive the calls. All evidence is available with Vodafone customer for the request of International roaming for calls.

In fact, Vodafone made a international roaming for all calls and data services both and my phone was enabled with automatic software update and total data usage was 114MB. Total bill of 114MB has come around Rs85,000 and Vodafone says to pay whole amount only without listening anything.

My credit limit was set up to Rs5,000 with Vodafone first of all and they said it is not applicable for Data package.

In Korea, I used 3GB internet package with only 16,000Korean won (Which is around Rs800) and they are charging 114MB with Rs85,000 which is actually 1000times higher.

How Vodafone activate data roaming even without a request from Customer first of all, and how Vodafone can charge more then what Credit limit they have made for client and how Vodafone can charge 1,000times higher then actual local data usage charges although it is international roaming?

I was a very loyal customer for Vodafone and all of our company mobile sim is Vodafone. How dare Vodafone can do such a things? It is very hard to understand. Please help

Tal Maval, Talegaon, Pune 411057, Maharashtra
Email: frank@crenovaplating.com / 18/07/2015 / 5:19 pm

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