My Vodafone sim no. was purchased from Vodafone Baghajatin, Kolkata branch in Nov 2015. It was purchased mainly for data usage in dongle and used in the month of Nov 2015. After one year of no usage since then, it was again reacticvated in this Nov 2016 for Rs. 1000 for 10GB data plan. Again, my documents were re submitted at Baghajatin Vodafone store. And the sim got activated that day after few hours when the data was again used. From next day onwards it started showing ‘No service’ when used via dongle. Talked to customer care on phone and they said it is deactivated since one year because of non usage and said no record of the re submission of documents. After a week, from then when visited Vodafone Baghajatin store, was thoroughly ill treated by the customer care and instead they put the blame on me that I did not use the sim in any way. I did not use the data and phone calling and they said their system showed no trace of any usage. It would wait for 4 days in such a case and then de-activate the sim permanently. What they did is packaged the sim fresh and released it to market for sale. Is this something valid? Was told: I need to use the phone calling service after re-activation and then only they consider that as usage. Then they should have told me during re-activation that I need to use the phone calling facility. When asked them about giving a solution to this Rs. 1000 worth spent on it because it was not my fault for the system not being able to trace the usage, then they argued quite a bit that this money has gone and You wont get it because of your fault. Nothing can be done, you do whatever you need to do with consumer forum. And finally said will drop an email to his department and let me know the status after lot of arguments. I know they are not going to reimburse.

Rajarshi Sengupta
Baghajatin 700092, West Bengal
Email: / 17/11/2016 / 3:18 pm

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