I had activated the international roaming on my Vodafone number 9825177734. In 2 days 25th sep 2014 of my tour my bill was 24000 rupees. When my wife enquires about this they said that I was using internet facilities. so v payed the 24000 rupees thinking it must b our mistake some where which was not true. All my internet setting I had already blocked and never used Internet in any case. I only used to call my parents and my wife to inform them of my wellbeing. Then on 3rd oct 2014 they(VODAFONE GUYS) again informed us that now the bill amount is 34000 rupees. Again they said that I have been using Internet in Germany. This is impossible. And now they are threathening us with cancellation of services and all sorts of abusive words and consequences . Some how as a indian Middle class I feel entirely helpless and scared. If a take the legal route then this will cost me 34 lakhs I guess. Don’t know what to do as all my very hard earned money is being looted by VODAFONE. I DONT MIND PAYING THE ACTUALL BILL AS THAT IS THEIR RIGHT.BUT WHAT ABOUT OUR RIGHTS AS CUSTUMERS.

Yas Nilak
E-1,Shyamdham society, deep chambers road, Manjalpur, Vadodara-390011, Gujarat
Email: ynilak@yahoo.com
Contact No. 02652647474 / 05/10/2014 / 3:34 pm

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  1. The same thing happened with me. I never paid them and they keep harassing.

    Also there is a credit limit attached to the account. How can they dynamically increase it without your permission. You need to argue on that as well.

    Do not pay Vodafone even a single money.

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