I had purchased a Wipro Smartlite CFL (23 W) on 26th June 2014 from a local general store just outside my house. The name of the store is S.S. Food Choice (Address :- No 660, KHB Main Road, RT Nagar, Bangalore – 560032).

While purchasing the CFL from the above mentioned store, the shopkeeper told me that there is one year warranty on it and the shopkeeper even signed it (with his shop’s initials ie. S.S.F) with the date ie. 24/6/14.

Few weeks ago the CFL suddenly stopped working, so when I checked the date of purchase I got to know that the CFL was still under warranty and I took the faulty CFL to the shop to get it exchanged. However, the shopkeeper denied to accept the faulty CFL. When I asked them why they said that their supplier told them that there is a 6 months warranty period on all Wipro CFLs. I was shocked to hear this!

Anyways, since they were not willing to take it back I contacted Wipro Customer care on 1800-425-1969. The executive who attended my call also confirmed to me that there is 1 year warranty period and not 6 months warranty.

So I explained the whole issue to the executive that the retailer from whom I purchased this CFL is not willing to take back the faulty CFL since their supplier told them that there’s only 6 months warranty on it. The executive assured me that within 4 working days they will get back to me and provided me with a reference no. P41585. Then 1 week passed and there was no update from Wipro customer care. Then I called them back and asked them about the update regarding my issue. The executive again assured me that they will call be back by next day. Then the next day also no one from Wipro bothered to call me back. I called them back again and asked them if they were going to resolve my matter or not. Then the executive gave me his senior’s no. ie. 080 – 28440064. A person name Axxxxm picked up my call and I explained my issue to him. He told me that their sales department should have resolved my matter by now but so far they haven’t updated anything on their system. Then he assured me that he will personally look into the matter and resolve it at the earliest.

Then the same evening I received a call from Wipro’s office with phone no. 080 – 40541903. The executive who called me confirmed my issue with me again and assured me that by the next day my issue will be resolved.  I waited the next day too but as usual there was no resolution provided to me the next day too.

Then I even emailed wipro at feedback.wcc@wipro.com and also wrote to them on their official facebook page but they are not responding to me anymore. Even when I try to call them on the numbers they provided me, it rings continuously but no one answers my call . It seems that they are trying to ignore me.

Sir, kindly suggest me what should I do next? The warranty is going to expire in another few months and I don’t want to buy a new CFL because I deserve a new replacement as per the warranty. Please help me sir. I am really tired trying to contact Wipro but they are not responding nor providing me with any resolution.

 Edward Hsue
RT Nagar, Bangalore – 560032, Karnataka
Email: edwardhsue20078@gmail.com / 02/04/2015 / 2:23 pm

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