I am writing this mail as i am very much frustrated with the service provided by Youbroadband Internet Service Provider at Visakhapatnam. Not able to express my frustration and controlling myself. My connection was disconnected 15 days before. We went to the office and requested them. But none of them including the officers at office and the technicians responded. They always say that technician number is not working or his number is not there with them. Net connection got disconnected on 28th July 2015. Filed the request complaint on 29th July and we inperson went to office. None of them are responsible. They told technician number is not available with them. We really felt pity how they contact technicians without the number. I sent an email to Nodal officers as well on that day. But no use so far. When try to register the complaint, we get the message saying the complaint has been registered already and in progress. It seems the problem will gets resolved in the span of one week time or more.

Here i did a trick. i applied for the new connection with other name. Immediately within 30 min i got a call and told that i will be arranged with the new connection within one or two days. How strange it this !!!

For resolving the problem they told it will take more than a week and they will never answer the call if try to contact to the local office.
But for new connection we will get the connection in a day or two with frequent calling from the technicians, local team for every one hour… saying sir when to come and collect the cheque and all.

I am really frustrated. Because the same happens to me when i took the connection two months back. I was promised to give the connection in 3 days maximum if i pay the money through online. Took more than 10 days to give the connection. Daily i used to make 5 to 6 calls to them. Finally i was frustrated and asked them to refund the amount and cancel the connection as it was not yet provided. They (customer service) said that money cant be refunded and you have to wait till our team gives the connection. After fighting for more than 10 days the people who spoke to me talked to me rubbish. but i ignored those things because i came to know after paying the money the behaviour will be like that.

The connection got disconnected in the middle too sometime. Even then the same procedure got happened. it took more than 5 days after calling daily 5 to 6 times to the customer care.

Now i was reminded that still 18 days remained for the connection to be expired. Now the connection got disconnected. Since July 27th evening there is no net. my office work got stopped as i taught i can do the thing from my home. Its waste of time, money and moreover the tension and torture by those worst ever service. i was controlling my frustration and not able to control myself. Finally i am writing this complaint to consumer forum seeking for justice.

When ever i say i will complaint to consumer court, then only the problem is to get resolved. But i cant send the same every time.

Thanks for the opportunity given to me. i have no words to say

Nagendra Jagarapu
Railway New Colony, Opp Sai Ram Hospital, Visakhapatnam 530016, Andhra Pradesh
Email: jnagendra2006@yahoo.co.in / 31/07/2015 / 7:32 am

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