This is in regarding waived off my bill which is generated by reliance scheme. As I bought a scheme provided by Reliance Communication along with Apple iphone. In the scheme, I bought Apple iphone 5S with Reliance GSM Connection and offered which was given by reliance communication was that consumer will get unlimited calling (outgoing & Incoming), will also get unlimited Incoming outgoing calls during roaming, 3 G internet unlimited, SMS unlimited and if you use any VAS (value added services) than consumer will pay for the same.

I bought this scheme on 18th January 2014 and Paid Rs. 74,000/- approx one time via my credit card dated on 18th January 2014. My Reliance GSM connection activated dated on 20th January 2014. According to the rules till 2 years i.e. 19th January 2016, I need not to pay any bill for the same provided VAS services which were used by me.
everything was going on proper manner but after initial 4-5 month a bill of approx Rs.130, 135, 140 has been generated every Month. for waiving this I used to compalin to Reliance Custmenr Care, after a long discussion in custmer care, some bill has been waived off but some not.

Recently, in Nov 2015, day time I called to customer care for not getting proper network from Reliance but by evening what i saw, my 3G network has gone than again I contacted to reliance Custmer care for the same.
executive told me that sir in morning you contacted reliance customer to change your terriff plan, I told him that I Have already paid the amount till 2 Years than why I changed my plan till 19th January 2016. After talked any senior person, they told me that within 48 hours, your service will be resumed.

Now Concer is that From November 2015 onwards, I am getting a bill of Rs. 1835 Approx every Month while I have already paid to use the service than Why I pay the bill.

I am getting calls on frequently basis to pay the bill for the same but I want that i will not pay any bill till 19th January 2016 for which I have Already paid. i am continuously paying the amount of Value Added Services which I have used during the scheme.I am ready to pay the bill after 19th January 2016. Now Today, My outgoing services has been barred by Reliance Communication.

I am getting messages from Reliance communication for last 4 Months to pay the bill. This is not ethical and against the professionalism.

I am getting disturbance from frequently calls from Reliance Communication to pay the bill. due to this I am getting mentally disturbance.

Kindly help me.

Banshi Ram Garg
Noida 201301, Uttar Pradesh
Email: / 01/03/2016 / 12:07 am

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