I ordered online for delivery of a flower bouquet with a glass vase, a 24pcs . Chocolate box of ferrero rocher chocolates and a 1kg box of sweets, through website www.99blooms.com in dhamtari chhattisgarh to be delivered on 11th nov 2015 on diwali.

Now of the three gift items to be delivered flower bouquet with glass vase was not delivered also instead of a 24 pcs. Box of ferrero rocher chocolates a smaller box was delivered. I live out of country in Sultanate of Oman and i called their contact no. Several times but their IVR always states all customer executives are busy. So i sent them a couple of emails with detailed order no. Telling them about fault on their end. But i have not recieved any response from their side. This is totally unacceptable and i demand them to mend their mistake or return my money.

Harshvardhan Thakur
Amleshwar, Patan, Durg 491111, Chattisgarh
Email: harsh.thakur]@outlook.com / 16/11/2015 / 1:13 pm

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