I am using a Airtel no.. On 26th July’15, I recharge my Airtel number with Rs.153 for 1 GB of internet usage for 28 days and same day the main account balance was Rs.62.30 but on the same night I received a video call through Skype and using it for only 20 mins I was unable to make local calls also. Then on 27 July,15 I call their Customers Care to know the reason for deduction. One of their agent named Sxxxxa told me their was no Rs.153 recharge done in your number and that’s the reason the balance has deducted from your account after that my call was transferred to the floor supervisior named Bxxxa Kxxxxu told me that their is no wrong balance deduction and when I asked the details of usage he simply disconnected the call but when I call the 2nd time one of their agent named Kxxxn Rxxxxxi told me that for video calling the total internet usage was 278 MB but then again my call was transferred to their floor supervision named Pxxxxm Sxxn. and he provided me some other details of internet usage and finally ended the call saying that their was no wrong balance deduction.

Please help me to get my balance as the balance deducted from my account is totally incorrect because for 20 mins of video call through Skype the total deduction of 1 GB of internet and Rs.62 from main balance is very much expensive as well this is unfair deduction. Hope that I will get valuable result from your side.

Vivek Pandey
40/2 Bijay Kumar Mukherjee Road Salkia, Howrah 711106, West Bengal
Email: sharewid.vivek[@rediffmail.com / 27/07/2015 / 9:21 am

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