My policy no with Birla Sunlife Insurance Company lapsed as I missed paying last years premium. When I approached for renewal this year I was asked to go through a medical test and submit a Certificate Of Insurability. After I went through the test my due premium was accepted with a fine.
Thereafter the company started harassing me by insisting by calls and mails that I go through some fresh tests and resubmit the COI. They seemed more interested on a refund (with huge deductions) rather than revival of the policy.
I refused to do it as my busy schedule does not permit me to go through series of tests, also as a matter of principle because I consider this a ploy to usurp my hard earned money.
Subsequently the company refunded my renewal premium and kept insisting that I go through additional medical tests.
I lodged a complain with IRDA (Token No 04-16-015758), but the stance of the company remained same even after IRDA’s intervention.
This is absolutely unjust because of the following
1. There was no reminder for the last year’s premium not even after I failed to pay within due date. I had to discover it while I tried to pay this year’s premium. The agent who sold me the policy assured me of timely reminders and even collection of premium but vanished, never to be seen again.
2. I went through the initial tests without any question but I refuse to go through multiple tests if they are raising the requirement in installments.
3. They are citing some underwriting policy due to which they can not renew my policy if I do not go through additional tests. If their underwriting policy is flawed why should a customer be harassed for it?
I regret that I trusted my money and life to such a unscrupulous company and have no wish to be associated with them further. I want them to refund my till now deposited amount with applicable market rate of interest.
Hope your forum will be able to help me.

Rajarshi Dutta Choudhury
Guwahati – 781003, Assam
Email: / 07/06/2016 / 7:39 pm

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