I had purchased Shine.com’s value packs to get job offers matching my profile. I am an engineer and MBA. I twice had discussion with Shine.com, before making any payment, regarding the kind of job was I was looking for, job post, place, and sector. Shine.com had ensured me that I would get the job type I am looking for once I subscribe to their services. I am quoting the words they used

1. ” you will get your preferred job, post,place and sector”
2. “Our recruiters will contact you and you need to mention your job preferences and you will get them”

After subscribing the job offers I got were bpo, data entry, backend jobs, not suiting my profile and sector at all. I complained them several times, through chats, telecom and they would ask me to mail my updated resume to their resume id: resume@shine.com. Still I didn’t get any suitable response them. After waiting for 4 long months, highly dissatisfied by their services, I started asking for my refund, which they rarely answered. At last the Shine compliance team asked for proofs from me which I provided them, but after that there was no response from them. After the end of the contract, they are simply saying that their services simply related to highlighting my resume on their job portal only. I have received only automated replies, without any human intervention, regarding my complains. However on 29th Dec, post contract validity, and my rating them poor, they called me to ask my problems, already mentioned to them through mails. Their last reply contains defining of their services only and on verbal conversation they said that they’ll check their system. I am looking forward to get my refund amount back, for which I had applied before the end of the contract tenure. Please help me out.

Aditi Das
New Delhi 110019
Email: axxxxxxxxxxx0@gmail.com / 31/12/2015 / 2:45 pm

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