Wrong information provided by Videocon D2H customer care excecutive

I am the customer of vedeocon d2h from past 9yeas. Few month back my attena got damage and i was request for new attena or alse fixed the same one.Customer care excutive ask me to change it or they ask me to pay 700/- for the new attena. In which i was ok with it.
After that they send someone to fixed it.the person who came on my place he done their job and he was asked me to pay 700+400. i was confused and i asked them why i have to pay 400 extra as your cce said me to pay only 700. The person said 400 was the installation charges. On the same time i called up to cc ( customer care) again and i again i aked them about the same issue the person who so ever picup the call he said no their is no other charges u have to pay the same amount which was asked from u in the past.
So after i didnt pay any extra to him. He took 700/- and before goin he said the rest of amount took through ur account whenever u will recharge it.
After again i called to customer care and i explained everything to him and he said mam your account is in negative with amount of 400 soon bec of installation amount not paided to the tech.
The most important thing the person whocame through vedeocon d2h didnt provide any sleep fot the amount which i was paid and he said we didnt provide anything in written.
Since july i m without tv i called them so many time.
After again i call to v2h cc for the same issue 6th nov.the phone answered buy the same of arti and she said their is nothin in negative u can recharge ur account with the amount of 219. I asked her even 3 time are u sure their is nothing in negative she said no their is nothing u can recharge ur account so on the same time i done with the recharge.but my account showing still disconnected.
Again i called to v2d for the same and the phone answered buy the other person he said mam your account is in negative of 550 i said why is it so.
He said u done with the rocation twice in the past.so their is 400+400 deducuted through your account. I said this all are wrong charges.
I didnt do any relocation and i explained again evrything what happened in past. So that person taken my complaint against agent who given me wrong information .he said they going to listen the calls and will call me back with the solution. Still i didnt get any thing.
My account not active till now .i got call from v2h and they ask me to pay 700 something to active my acclmount.
Plz hell me i am without tv from past 7 months . And why i will pay any extra to v2h bec of their mistake
My customer id 49283620

I called them through my aother number plz listen all call since july till now. U came to know how they make full to customers.

Hanni Malhotra
Paschim vihar 110063, New Delhi
Email: hxxxxxxxxxxx3@gmail.com

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