Wrong late payment charges by ICICI Bank

Dear sir, my ICICI BANK CREDIT CARD due payment date was of an amount of Rs. 1458/- . I have paid that amount on 19.12.2017 (file attached). But thay are claiming now that i have made the payment late and a fine of Rs. 500 included to the current bill with Rs. 90 as GST. I contacted with ICICI BANK customer care but they said that we have received the said bill amount on 26.12.2017. After that I have contacted to the SBI CUSTOMERS CARE ( from where i made my payment) for that but they said the payment done on that day . Now what will i do.???
Next my payment date is 20.01.2018.

Amar Karmakar
Kolkata 700075, West Bengal
Email: axxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com

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