I ordered from amazon a Kawachi portable therapeutic steam and home sauna bath for weight loss and folding outdoor fishing camping chair combo red for Rs 2999.00. I received the neatly packed parcel at 6:45 but when I opened the parcel to my dismay I found in there a box labelled patanjali premium detergent powder and a bundle of newspaper and a used Hitashi steam pot with warranty written as 26/09/2016 and a tube. Suddenly we called amazon service around 7pm and they asked me to file a return request and also talk to the seller which I denied then itself as I bought the product just because I was dealing with amazon. When I tried for a return,suddenly there is no pickup facility available from my address, but my husband had returned many product from this address earlier and was picked up from here just 7 to 10 days back. I initiated the return request any how and again called amazon customer care now this was some other person who told me that he will send a confirmation mail regarding the missing product and courier fee refund. But the mail did not mention anything about missing product parts. This time I again called amazon service, this time a female voice telling her name to be Rxxxxh told me that they can not send any such confirmation mail. My concern is that when we return the product will they say that the products have been missed by us. Three times I called amazon service I talked to different persons. I asked if I could talk to any officer but they had no reply. I feel cheated and aggrieved. The return address given by amazon is not theirs but the sellers whom I dont even know, moreover the return label contains a declaration from me that the product contains all the parts as mentioned in the specification, which i have to confirm. This kind of irresponsibility from amazon has bought me great mental agony and fear of loss of my hard earned money. Please help.

Judit Thomas
Kottayam, kerala
Email: txxxxxxxxx9@gmail.com
IP: / 21/01/2017 / 10:08 pm

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