Wrong product received from Flipkart

I have ordered one spigen back cover for iPhone XS Max worth 2519/- but to my bad I have received it inside the box is not the sponge kind of thing which I reported immediately to flipkart and the created the return request and in no time it got rejected not sure of the reason this happened to be for 4-5 times then they created one stable request and rejected that the next day and again the called the executive then they blocked my account saying that I created too many return request and because of which my account is no longer accessible and they didn’t work on my complain of the product which indeed I haven’t received only. Please help me in greeting the refund.
Order details:

Laxmikanth Kankani
Begum Bazar, Hyderabad 500012, Telangana
Email: axxxxxx5@gmail.com

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